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Posted on Jun 13, 2014

Change Your Attitude Quote, KSLProductivity

“Use Your Brain to Change Your Attitude”

You first must fully accept that your thoughts are in your control. Nothing can make you upset or feel negatively about anything unless you choose to. As a matter of fact, every situation and circumstance is basically neutral and means nothing — until you apply meaning to it.

  • Kim Giles shares advice on how to have a positive outlook even in negative situations. Giles encourages readers to accept that our thoughts are in our control. (“Use Your Brain to Change Your Attitude,” Kim Giles, KSL.com)

“Keep Calm and Boost Productivity”

It is very difficult to be productive when we are in panic mode. What we end up being is reactive rather than proactive.

  • KSL.com contributor, Seth Saunders outlines proactive steps to boost productivity. In the article, Saunders touches on the importance of daily time management, encouraging readers to replace panic with preparation.  ( “Keep Calm and Boost Productivity,” Seth Saunders, KSL.com)



“What Every Great Boss Knows (Infographic)”

“Boost Your Happiness by Saying Thank You—The Right Way”

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