Upset customer – Maintaining your composure

Posted on May 20, 2016

From: Kerri Davis
Store: Young Chevrolet

Travis holt was assisting an elderly couple who misunderstood when their appointment date was and arrived on the wrong day. They asked for a running $1,000 car. when Travis advised them that we did not carry a running driving car at that price the elderly gentleman got disgruntled and was screaming and cursing. He then started to yell that we owed them a ride and it wasn’t fair that we were going to leave them like this and we screwed them over. Travis maintained his composure – kept calm and continued to reassure the customer that we had a bus on the way to transport them to their house. Brad Taylor also kept an eye on the situation and assisted with advising the customer that there was a bus coming to take them home and kindly told them that cursing was not tolerated within the store. I admire both men for the way they handled the situation and contained it so as to not create a bigger problem.

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