Staying True to Yourself – Being Okay…

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

From: YAG-U
Chantel Sanders

I recently had the opportunity to observe Chantel Sanders while working with an upset customer. The customer was angry due to the unavailability of recalled parts, Chantel was patient and understanding. She explained the manufacturers procedure and that it sometimes required time to get possession of the needed parts. The customer had been having a challenging day and turned irate towards Chantel and the department. Chantel applied the okay-not okay principle by letting the customer know she was sorry that she could not meet their expectations and that she would always do her best to do everything in her power for them.

A week later the customer called to apologize. They said that they took their anger out on her and that they were sorry because she didn’t deserve it. The customer understood and recognized that she had done everything in her power to take care of them and would like to work with her directly for future service needs. Chantel scheduled an appointment for the customer, received the needed parts, and saw the recall through to completion.

Respect for the customer will leave an impression that will build confidence in our Dealership, and that they will always be treated as part of the Young Family.

When dealing with an upset customer, its always good to remember:

1.  You need to remain okay
2.  They are a person and not a problem
3.  Try to listen and let them talk it out
4.  Show Empathy
5.  Offer them potential Solutions
6.  Show a weighted effort

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