New Downloadable Resources

Posted on May 1, 2015

Young Automotive University has an exciting new offering currently rolling out on Downloadable Resources is a collection of training guides that can help you develop skills and knowledge to apply in your current position and throughout the rest of your career. With over 80 different courses within the curriculum, it is easy to find something that will help you develop your talent as employees and managers.


Available topics range from administrative skills and human resources to personal development and management proficiency. Our mission at YAG-U is to provide opportunities for growth and development to all employees, and we hope these courses will do just that. The intention here is to give you a self-directed training opportunity.

To access the training manuals, simply logon to the Online Training Center and select Downloadable Resources. Once within the category, you can browse the courses and download the ones that may interest you. Take a look at the list below to see all of the training manuals now available.

Administrative Skills

▪    Administrative Support

▪    Basic Bookkeeping

▪    Business Writing

▪    Executive and Personal Assistants

▪    Meeting Management

▪    Organizational Skills

▪    Social Media In The Workplace

▪    Supply Chain Management

Career Developement

▪    Assertiveness And Self-Confidence

▪    Communication Strategies

▪    Creative Problem Solving

▪    Developing Creativity

▪    Digital Citizenship

▪    Entrepreneurship

▪    Interpersonal Skills

▪    Negotiation Skills

▪    Personal Branding

▪    Project Management

▪    Telework And Telecommuting

▪    Time Management

Human Resources

▪    Business Succession Planning

▪    Developing a Lunch and Learn

▪    Employee Onboarding

▪    Employee Recruitment

▪    Generation Gaps

▪    Hiring Strategies

▪    Human Resource Management

▪    Measuring Results From Training

▪    Millennial Onboarding

▪    Talent Management

▪    Train-The-Trainer

▪    Workplace Diversity

▪    Workplace Harassment

▪    Workplace Violence

Personal Development

▪    Anger Management

▪    Attention Management

▪    Critical Thinking

▪    Emotional Intelligence

▪    Goal Setting and Getting Things Done

▪    Job Search Skills

▪    Managing Workplace Anxiety

▪    Personal Productivity

▪    Public Speaking

▪    Social Intelligence

▪    Social Learning

▪    Stress Management

▪    Work-Life Balance

Sales and Marketing

▪    Body Language Basics

▪    Call Center Training

▪    Creating a Great Webinar

▪    Internet Marketing Fundamentals

▪    Marketing Basics

▪    Media And Public Relations

▪    Overcoming Sales Objections

▪    Presentation Skills

▪    Proposal Writing

▪    Sales Fundamentals

▪    Trade Show Staff Training

Supervisors and Managers

▪    Budgets And Financial Reports

▪    Coaching And Mentoring

▪    Employee Motivation

▪    Facilitation Skills

▪    Knowledge Management

▪    Leadership And Influence

▪    Lean Process And Six Sigma

▪    Manager Management

▪    Middle Manager

▪    Office Politics For Managers

▪    Performance Management

▪    Supervising Others

▪    Virtual Team Building And Management

Workplace Essentials

▪    Appreciative Inquiry

▪    Business Acumen

▪    Business Ethics

▪    Business Etiquette

▪    Change Management

▪    Civility In The Workplace

▪    Conflict Resolution

▪    Customer Service

▪    Delivering Constructive Criticism

▪    Risk Assessment and Management

▪    Safety In The Workplace

▪    Teamwork & Teambuilding

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