Kurlan: What Committed Salespeople Do Differently

Posted on Apr 30, 2015

Here is a great blog by Dave Kurlan about commitment.  Although it is written with salespeople in mind, you can be sure that it applies to each one of us.  How is your commitment?
Jeff Taylor

This week we found ourselves sitting in camp chairs, bundled up in warm coats, wearing winter gloves and covered in blankets, to watch our son play on his Middle School baseball team.  The only thing this team could win is the Bad News Bears Look-Alike Contest.  He also plays on a very talented travel team, so this school game was not only awful to watch, it was doubly awful because of the winter weather.  Yes, there was snow in the air.  We will attend nearly every single 1 of the 100 games he will play for 5 teams this year...

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