Posted on May 23, 2016

From: Curtis Groft
Store: Avis
This is an email received from a customer about their experience with Boomer Smith and Dylan Schickel and other staff.

Boomer Smith,
First, let me say Thank You, to you and to your company for taking the time and putting forth the effort to help me and my family out to get into a reliable car. I understood we were under a lot of money with the Buick but their professionalism you and your company had with my wife to get her in a vehicle that is more reliable was absolutely awesome. I don’t have money to give you guys but all I have is word of mouth praise for you guys. Especially for the gentleman that watch over my kids as my wife was trying to get into the car. Please give that man praise because that shows that you and your company actually does care for their customers. Thank you again, I could go on forever giving you and your company praise but I think you get the point basically you guys ROCK!!!!

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