Working harder to help customers

Posted on Apr 21, 2016

From: Diana
Store: Buick GMC
Subject: Service Experience

A few months ago we had a customer come in for service and he thought his car would be done before the end of the day. We had to order parts for it because we didn’t have them in shop. When the customer came in Adam the service technician came out to explain to him what was wrong with the car and he was upset his car wasn’t finished and expressed his frustration that he was leaving town early in the morning and needed his car to do so. Our parts department called over to the Chevrolet store to see if they had the parts on hand, and they did. It was close to 6pm so we only had one guy in the parts department and he couldn’t leave to get the part. Adam volunteered to go across the street to Chevrolet get the part and stay late (after close) until the customers car was done. Although the customer was unhappy with the situation he was very pleased that that Adam went above and beyond to ensure he had his car for his trip out of town in the morning.
Thanks Adam for saving the day and putting the YOU in Young! :)

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